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Geoffrey Kercsmar and Christopher Goodman Prevail at Trial

October 16, 2009

After a four day jury trial, Geoffrey Kercsmar and Christopher Goodman obtained a unanimous verdict in favor of a Kercsmar & Feltus client.  The client was a partnership that owned a hotel, and the case arose from the sale of that hotel.  Shortly after the hotel sale, two partners received payments from the hotel buyer without disclosing the payments to the remaining partners or the partnership.  These payments were characterized alternatively as consulting fees or finder’s fees, though the partners who received the payments maintained that they were simply “gifts” from the buyer.  The jury found that, by receiving the payments related to the hotel sale and failing to disclose them, the two partners breached their fiduciary duty to the partnership and the remaining partners.  The jury awarded the partnership the full amount of the payments received.

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