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Dietary Supplements

The attorneys at Kercsmar & Feltus are well-versed in the highly competitive dietary supplement market. Many of the largest dietary supplement companies are located in Arizona and California, where we have offices. The dietary supplement industry is highly regulated, yet largely self-policed. Our attorneys are familiar with the applicable regulations, including the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, and they continue to monitor legislative action in this area.

Representative Cases

  • Represented a dietary supplement company in actions to enforce an extensive patent portfolio
  • Successfully defended a judgment obtained in a patent case in front of the Federal District Court of Appeals
  • Represented a leading dietary supplement company in its claims against a competitor for false advertising under the Lanham Act
  • Brought suit against a supplier of raw materials for breach of contract and obtained a favorable settlement
  • Advised companies regarding advertising statements made on products
  • Communicated with Federal Drug Administration agents regarding multiple issues routinely encountered by dietary supplement companies
  • Obtained judgment on patent infringement claims in favor of patent holder

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